Here is another weekday lunch that is a breeze to prepare though it looks very elaborate!

The cooking is done in a pressure cooker so gets done very fast. The chips can be prepared ahead and stored.

I prepared this meal way back in 2016 and almost forgot about it until a few days back. I was looking into the drafts and came upon the avarakkai porriyal recipe and remembered that I have not posted it and the meal on the blog.

Lunch Series #13 -Simple Weekday Lunch #2

On my menu

Steamed rice
Quick Sambar
Quick Rasam
Quick Avarakkai Porriyal
Purple cabbage rice with cheese
Potato Chips
Curd / yogurt


  • Regular cabbage can be used instead of purple cabbage
  • This is not OPOS method of cooking.I season, saute and cook in a cooker and do not follow any of the OPOS techniques.

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