Today’s post is the 25th in the series of Kids lunch box dishes!

If planned well, packing the kids lunch box won’t seem like a nightmare!At least that’s how it is for me. Most of the times I ask for their choices and sometimes I make my own pairing of dishes.

This lunch box was done based on my preference! I felt that the peas pulao and the channa potato gravy would go well together.

Both these dishes get done quickly and there will not be a rush too.the kids will also enjoy this wholesome meal.

Kids Lunchbox Series #25 - Peas Pulao & Channa Potato GravyIn the lunch Box

Simple Peas Pulao

Channa And Potato Gravy

Kids Lunchbox Series #25 - Peas Pulao & Channa Potato Gravy

Pre-prep/ can be done the night before :

  • Shell the peas and keep in fridge
  • Prepare the masala for the gravy and keep in fridge.
  • Soak and cook channa / Cook and cube potato and keep in the fridge.

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