Here is yet another simple lunch for a weekday. If you love to cook but find it hard to put dishes together check out the other posts in this Lunch Series for ideas.

This meal is a very simple one yet very flavorful, healthy and delicious. This has all of our family favorites and we loved it to bits.


Lunch Series #15 - Simple Weekday Lunch #3

On the platter

Ogarnay huliSeasoned Dal
Jeerige Meansu SaaruCumin-pepper flavored Rasam
Seasoned curd rice
Coconut Curry leaves Chutney Powder
Jeera AlooCumin Flavored Potato Curry
More milagai – Sundried Chilies
Microwaved crisps

Lunch Series #15 - Simple Weekday Lunch #3


  • The curd rice recipe in the link will take you to a recipe that has a lot of add-ons like cucumber, pome etc. For an everyday meal we don’t add those. Just season the curd rice with mustard seeds, urad dal, chilies,cumin,curry leaves. Finally a little coriander leaves for garnish.
  • The chutney powder can be prepared ahead and stored.

Hope you enjoyed this simple meal….

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