Farali Poori | Kuttu Ki Puri Recipe – Gluten free and Vegan deep fried flatbread apt for the fasting peroid.

While I know several people, both young and old who observe fasting on auspicious days, it is more of feasting for me! I literally cannot stay away from delicious food and the thought of fasting stays away.

This year though I started fasting on some auspicious days and took only the food stuffs that are allowed.But that came after some retrospect!

I always wonder if one is fasting, it means not eating anything ,right! Then when I tried to do a 100% fast, I realized that I did not have the energy to do all the work and observe the fast simultaneously!

That was the day when I had to run errands, go out to get some stuffs for the kids project, cook for the rest of the family,wash and clean and do all the other stuffs relating to running a household with 2 kids and 2 elderly people and not to mention a husband who seems to be married to the office! Just the thought of it all made me weak on my knees!

Then once again realization dawned in! Maybe the fasting food is more for sustenance rather than for taste!

I ate a little of the foods allowed and carried on with the work which got done without a hitch.

One such dish is the Farali Poori which is made with ingredients that are allowed to be taken when one is observing a fast.

Though I did not have this one on a fasting day, I made it one Sunday when the kids could have a leisurely breakfast and poori is always welcome at the table.

Generally buckwheat flour is used to make these Farali pooris and potatoes and some milk spices are added and then it is rolled out and deep fried.

Fasting or otherwise, these pooris will be a welcome addition on your menu.

I used:

Buckwheat flour- 1 cup
Boiled potato-2 medium sized, mashed well
Finely chopped and deseeded green chili-1
Grated carrot-1,small
Coriander leaves, chopped-1 teaspoon
Rock salt to taste
Oil to deep fry

  1. Take all the ingredients [except the last one of course] in a bowl and combine to form a dough,adding a little water.
  2. Pinch out small balls and roll into pooris
  3. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry each one till golden brown on each side.
  4. Remove with a slotted ladle and serve with a side of your choice.
  5. We had it with a simple tomato chutney.

Here is how to make the Farali Poori | Kuttu Ki Puri Recipe

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Farali Poori | Kuttu Ki Puri Recipe
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
15 mins

A simple dish made with buckwheat flour that can be taken during fasting time.

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Author: PJ
  • 1 cup Buckwheat flour
  • 2 numbers Potato,mashed
  • 1 number Carrot, grated
  • 1 teaspoon Chopped and deseeded green chili
  • 1 teaspoon Coriander leaves, chopped
  • Rock salt to taste
  • Oil to deep fry
  1. Take all the ingredients [except the last one of course] in a bowl and combine to form a dough adding a little water

  2. Pinch out small balls and roll into pooris

  3. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry each one till golden brown on each side.

  4. Remove with a slotted ladle and serve with a side of your choice.



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12 thoughts on “Farali Poori | Kuttu Ki Puri Recipe”

  1. I never had the will for fasting. Even if by chance I started with fasting, I would be thinking of food only during the period. That is why I don’t fast. But making such delicious foods for fasting would make it easier. The pooris looks absolutely yum PJ.

  2. Fasting is tough for me too…but with such delicious dishes on the menu, it seems like a tempting option! Love these pooris….will try them asap. Pooris are welcome in my house 365 days of the year!

  3. I have never understood the concept of eating specific foods when fasting. In my growing up years fasting always meant fruits and milk maybe towards the evening. Now I know (farali) fasting food is a genre in itself. Fantastic puris.

  4. Fasting is definitely a hard task especially if its winter here . Though i grown up with many days of fasting in a week, its too hard now for me. And those kuttu ki puris looks fabulous PJ, with some spicy curries i can have some anytime.

  5. I have fasted enough as a young girl , but never had these fasting special foods , just fruits or potato chips , with today’s trend look st the massive spread available ! Lovely pooris to be enjoyed on a Sunday Lunch !

  6. Tell me about overeating during fasting time.. and the worst time is when you’re at an ISKCON temple on the fasting day. They prepare such a huge spread! I try to eat only one meal and that too using food that’s allowed on that day. I’ve not made kuttu atta ki puri. Must try it. Adding spices and carrot is a good idea.

  7. I have the same story PJ, my husband also seems to be married to the office. Sorry can’t stop replying to that comment of yours. Puri with Buckwheat flour is really good and not an easy Task as I use to even struggle with the buckwheat flour pancakes. Kiddos to you.

  8. Lol on the hubby, hope he reads this ..:)…talking about fasting, I can’t and won’t fast!..period..though after blogging I read about all the farali dishes and have been enjoying those in regular days..:)…nice to read about these pooris PJ, I am sure the breakfast was a feast!

  9. I cannot fast, but if I get to eat delicious dishes like this, why not? I still might not even get through a part of the day, but I can just pretend I am fasting and make these pooris. It has come out beautifully PJ!

  10. yummy, kuttu flour taste great if you make poori. looking so inviting and just have them with aloo sabji fasting becomes more feasting.

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