It was a thrilling month all through September. Cooking for this A- Z flat bread marathon was fun and I enjoyed it.

While most of the dishes got cooked, clicked and posted on the same day, some were done way ahead in May when the discussion was going on about this theme.A and Z were the first to be cooked actually!

Then I did a marathon cooking of 7 parathas on a Sunday afternoon and tired myself out completely!

I then decided to take things slowly and then categorized the parathas that can be done with one dough.The stuffed ones had a basic dough that was done and refrigerated and only the fillings were prepared later.

This eased out the stress and we got to enjoy a wide range of parathas and Rotis.The kids enjoyed these dishes and I made sure that they had it for dinner or I made some for their lunch box.

Their feedback motivated me and all that you see in this series are kids approved!!

And then there was this clicking part. Since I had cooked the dishes in random order, I made note of props that I used so that it did not repeat the next or previous alphabet! In one of the mega marathon editions, I used similar props in the consecutive alphabets even though they were cooked randomly. So I made sure that I did not repeat it and hence the note!

My kids are looking forward to the next mega marathon and I am sure they will be enjoying it as much I enjoy planning and cooking them.

Take a look at the dishes that got featured in this series.

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11 thoughts on “A-Z Indian Flatbreads”

  1. Wow PJ! That’s a beautiful collection of Indian flatbreads. And it is a nice tip to note the props used…I will remember for next time. It was lovely doing this marathon with you!!

  2. As usual you have rocked PJ , you have done the marathon in actual terms by clicking and posting on the same day and then making 7 in a day ! You sure are a rock star .

    It’s so nice to see kid friendly recipes , great Marathon and definitely looking forward to the next Mega Marathon !

  3. Fantastic roundup PJ..surely planning and cooking for mega BM is always so much fun. Especially when we do a marathon cooking, it becomes so tough..I always had the same problem with props and other things being repeated..only later while posting I notice I had used the same cloth..and on top, all my mega bm posts are very simple had a good presentation..kudos on that! On the whole, I so enjoyed reading through all your posts, your thoughts, and management you did, is too good!

  4. Fantastic roundup of the Indian Flatbreads you made for the Mega BM. I love how you’ve tried to make the flatbreads as healthy as possible without comprising on the taste. I’ve bookmarked a few recipes that I want to try like the quinoa roti, lesu and the pickle flavored paratha. It was good doing this series with you as I got to learn so much about different kinds of flatbreads.

  5. Congrats PJ for completing this mega BM and showed us many varieties of flatbread. All were tasty and delicious versions. Thanks for the support and yes we have done this mega BM.

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