Lunch Series #19 – Simple Weekday Lunch #7

I started cooking quite late today.After a series of phone calls and walking here and there within the house, I was not in a mood to cook. But something has to be there on the table by 1pm and so I reluctantly went into the kitchen around 12 and put together this meal.

This is a hearty and filling lunch that can be made quickly and if you have the bisi bele bhath spice mix, then it gets done faster.

In case you plan to make one such menu, you can grind the bisi bele bhath paste in keep it the fridge and use it the next day.

Now let’s see what was cooked today…

On the menu

  1. Bisi Bele Bhath / Bisis bele Huli Anna – Once upon a time, I used to really not like this dish but later on fell in love. Read about it on the post by clicking the recipe link.
  2. Samai thayir sadham / Millet curd rice –. The one in the link takes you to kuthiraivali thayir sadam. I have prepared it in the same way but used samai.
  3. Peanut Raita – . I have added carrot in the original recipe but did not add it today.
  4. Jeera Aloo / Potato Curry
  5. Pickle
  6. Pappad

Though I knew there wouldn’t be any takers, I made some rasam to got with steamed rice.

Check out the other menus on the Lunch series and plan your next meal!!!

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