Just a month to go before the exam starts. Until then the lunch packing goes on as usual.

For a change,I sometimes pack rice for the elder one .I mix rice and rasam and pack it along with a simple vegetable curry and some pappad / crisps.

I make a watery mix of rasam rice, ie.add extra rasam so that it will not thicken by their lunch time.If you feel the the rice mix will thicken and not look palatable, pack a small bottle of extra rasam which can be mixed while eating.

Kids Lunch Box Series #26 | Rasm Rice , Cabbage Curry , Crisps

In the lunch box

Rasam Rice

Quick Cabbage Curry



Kids Lunch Box Series #26 | Rasm Rice , Cabbage Curry , Crisps


I made rasam and cabbage curry in a pressure cooker so that it gets done fast. You can prepare any rasam that the kid likes.

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