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I am Padmajha Sureshbabu writing under the pen name- PJ.I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.There is a mini story that goes with my passion….

It all started when I decided to start a blog .A few years back my friends requested me to share some easy-to-prepare dishes and that’s when this idea sprang up.

The first thing to think about was –How to start one?? I sat and thought and thought of names and wrote them down and choose one.I asked my friends to help me out in this.How many names did I get to choose from??!!-Well, nearly 50 of them! The worst part was deciding which one because almost all of them sounded good. Finally after days of deliberation I choose this one.

Next came the task of deciding what to put into the blog.. More thinking…..I would sit in front of the computer- hours together and outline all that I had in mind. The result-a backlog of household duties.

That’s when I started asking myself ‘What am I doing?!’. If I start a blog, will I be able to do justice to it?Then it struck me ‘Isn’t cooking something I love doing so why not share it for others to enjoy’.

So there started my blogging journey…..

As a kid I used to watch my mom in the kitchen [in amazement], the ease with which she would turn the place to a magic land filled with wonderful aromas and colorful platters. Drawing inspiration from her, I too started cooking and turned our kitchen into a laboratory. The ‘guinea pig’ was my dad!! He used to taste my experiments ‘bravely’ and give his comments/compliments. Battling the various disasters I managed to prepare something fit enough to eat.

I still remember the day when I wanted to try ‘Sooji kesari’- my all time favorite.I had seen my mom preparing this ‘n’ times, so I forbid her into the kitchen and started on my own. Everything turned out to be fine until I noticed it had turned powdery and dry!! I didn’t know what went wrong…I showed my mom the ‘powder kesari’ and she was desperately trying to hide a smile…Well, my ego got the better of me and I told my mom it would taste nice anyway and I will not be sharing it with anyone and would eat it all by myself. [I must confess that neither did it taste really good nor did I like it.].

My experiments in the kitchen continued with help from mom.I learnt several recipes from her and now I can prepare tasty kesari – Believe me….

In college, when my friends were busy taking down notes in the library, I would be drooling over a colorful cookbook for sure!! I used to write down each recipe I liked/thought will be great if cooked…Any time I meet my friends or relatives the first question I always ask them is ‘Do you have any new recipe or cookbook?’ And so my collection grew.

My interest for cooking and trying out new recipes kept increasing and now my experiments are tasted [or should I say- ‘tested’] by my dear hubby.

What more, any food however mundane, reminds me of an incident. There are numerous such instances where I look upon certain dishes as ‘comfort foods’ and avoid certain foods altogether to escape stirring up those bitter moments of life.. And..of course there are bitter sweet dishes.. Err..I mean memories as well. Each time I gear up to prepare a dish, my mind fills up with nostalgia and I re-live those moments.

This blog is going to be filled with my ramblings on old recipes, new culinary adventures, memories, musings and a lot more. Hope you enjoy it…..

In case of recipe requests/suggestions/comments/doubts don’t hesitate to drop me a mail @ seduceurtastebuds@gmail.com

A small word about the copyright and a disclaimer…

 All the recipes and images belong to Seduce Your Tastebuds and reproduction of the any material from this site is not allowed without prior permission from the blog owner.

If you own a blog,have tried my recipe and have put it up in your blog,kindly link it back to the original recipe in this blog to avoid copyright issues.

The nutrition related data shared here is just a guideline and not a medical advise.The home remedies published in this blog have worked out for me but may not be suitable for everyone.So consult your physician before you try it at home.

The ingredients and quantity used in the recipes are written and cooked to suit my taste.You can alter them depending on your preferences.

Your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Thanks for stopping by…


8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. PJ, this is my 1st time dropping by your blog. I came over from Anu's blog, which we've been following each other for a while.

    Thks for sharing with us your wonderful profile! Nice meeting you & I'm following you now. Looking fwd to sharing our food journey! I've submitted my 1st recipe for your Parsley Event 🙂

    Luxury Haven

  2. Hello Padmajha,
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  4. Mmadam…
    I m Shankar, frm Coimbatore…

    I went thro tha articlein THE HINDU DT.21ST FEB.






  5. Hi Padmaja,just a correction, u wrote that chattishgarhis traditionally make the masoor kadhi with mustard oil.
    let me tell you chattishgarhis dont use mustard oil especially for any curd base gravys, and its not a state who commonly uses mustard oil.

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