The final post for this edition of blogging marathon is a very simple one but a very important ‘ dish’ for Ugadhi…

Bevu bella is a must on Ugadhi . Ugadhi or Yugadhi is the New year day.  Yuga means era and adhi is the beginning and is celebrated in Andra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Neem flowers[bevu] are mixed with powdered jaggery[bella] and a little honey.  

Bevu bella is a must on Ugadhi.After bath and prayers ,each and every member is given a little bit of this bevu bella by the eldest person in the family..It symbolizes that life has both joys and sorrows. Mom prepared this as a part of the Festive Thali – Ugadhi lunch…..

With an abundance of neem trees around our home, we had access to fresh neem flowers. If fresh flowers are not available, dried neem flowers can be used…..

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Bon Appetit…

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  1. i am learning a lot through BM. I learnt that bengalis use neem leaves for cooking at times, now i hear that the flowers are used of Ugadi.


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