Roti , Paneer Butter Masala, Cucumber Raita – This was the meal that Lil Angel wanted for her lunch box. She announced very clearly last evening that she would love to have the above said dishes for lunch and thus it was cooked and packed off today morning.

I had planned a paneer based rice dish for the lunch box today but since she wanted her favorite meal  I willingly agreed.Roti also happens to be Lil Dude’s favorite and I am sure that the box will return empty this evening..

Raita for the lunch box does sound suspicious right? Will it turn sour / watery before the kids get to eat it? Well, there is a small trick that I use to make raita so that it is thick and tastes best when it is time for the kids to have lunch. I have shared it in the notes section below.

In the lunch box

Mini Chapathi / Roti
Cucumber Raita

Pre-prep – things that can be made ahead[the night before] :

  • Prepare the dough and store in an air tight container in the fridge.
    Take it out of the fridge the first thing in the morning so that the
    dough softens by the time you make the chapathi.
  • For the gravy, prepare the tomato puree and refrigerate it.


  •  For the raita, take lukewarm milk in the lunch box container, add salt and mix. Add grated cucumber and a little yogurt starter [ the previous day’s curd] and sprinkle a little chili powder / chaat masala.Cover and keep in the lunch bag. The curd will set by the time the kid has lunch.
  • There are 50+ Roti / Chapathi varieties in my blog to choose from . Try out new versions to add to their interest in trying out new food stuffs / varieties.
  • You can also use different shapes of cookie cutters/ kids favorite
    ones while making the chapathi.This will surely bring a smile on their face as soon as they open
    the lunch box.
  • Smear the chapathi with a little ghee so that it remains soft and tastes good as well.

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