PJ sandwich!!I have a sandwich named after me!!!Wait a minute..Before you can imagine how I would be feeling at this moment ,read on.

Ever heard of John Montagu?In a way this Earl is responsible for the nomenclature of sandwich! Though pieces of meat were wrapped between bread since the ancient times,this dish has been linked with the Earl.History says that this Earl loved to play cards and asked his valet to bring him meat wrapped in bread so that he would not grese his cards and continue playing.Since this John Montagu also happened to be the 4th Earl of Sandwich ,people began to order food ‘similar to sandwich’.This name stuck and is now a popular quick fix for breakfast or as a snack.

Now coming to PJ sandwich,I may not be as famous as our dear Earl but I sure did prepare a sandwich which sounds like its named after me!!

Presenting to you PJ sandwich a.k.a. Peanut butter -Jam sandwich!One moring I just wanted to have something with my daily dose of coffee and two things that were on the kitchen counter waved to me.So I put together a little peanut butter and jam on the bread and had filling breakfast!Thus was born my PJ sandwich…Since you already know what went into this ,there is procedure or recipe.All I used was

Bread slices
Peanut butter
Blue berry jam

Apply peanut butter on on side of a slice of bread.Spread jam on the other slice of bread.Put them together and munch along with a mug of piping hot coffee.

So what do you think of PJ sandwich!

6 thoughts on “PJ Sandwich”

  1. Yesterday when I saw the post in my dashboard was trying to see it but couldn't, now it's showing me, cool never thought it's PB & Jam….nice description….now I'll always remember u while having PJ sandwich…

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