Dhokla,as we know, is the famous dish from the state of Gujarat made with chickpea flour/ besan.A batter is made and it is steamed.After which a seasoning of mustard,asafoetida is poured over.The dhokla is then sliced and then served garnished with grated coconut, coriander leaves.There are several varieties of Dhokla like khamman dhokla, Khatta dhokra, Rasia dhokra, cheese dhokra, etc.

I made dhokla with green peas and besan in the microwave.It was super quick and was very fluffy.The color was very appealing and it tasted great as well.

Here is what you have to do…

Puree 1 cup green peas, 4 green chillies and 1″ piece ginger using very little water.

Transfer the puree[for 1 cup peas I got 1/2 cup puree] into a bowl and add  1/2 a cup besan and salt to taste

 Mix well and add a little water to get a batter of dropping consistency.
 Add 5grams[1 small sachet] Eno fruit salt and add 1 teaspoon water over it.It will start bubbling.Mix gently.
 Immediately transfer into a greased microwave proof dish and swirl it around so that it spreads evenly. Microwave covered for 5 minutes on high powder.Let it stand for 1 minute inside the microwave.

 Do a tooth prick test.If it comes out out clean the dhokla is ready.Else cover and microwave for a few more minutes till done.
In another microwave proof dish, combine-1 teaspoon oil,1 teaspoon mustard,1 chopped green chilli and microwave for 1 minute.Pour over the dhokla and spread it out with a ladle/ spoon

 Let it cool.Mark squares with a knife.Remove carefully from the plate.
 Serve garnished with grated coconut and coriander leaves.
A mouth watering and nutritious snack ready in minutes…This comes in handy when you want something warm on a cold day but also want to refrain from indulging in fried snacks…
Serve dhokla as such or with a spicy chutney of your choice.
  • Generally sugar is added when dhokla is prepared but I did not add it since the peas were slightly sweet.In case you have a sweet tooth ,you can add sugar while combining peas puree and besan.
  • The cooking time will vary depending on the quantity and the MW oven brand used, voltage.So start checking from the third minute itself.If cooked for too long the taste will not be good and the dhokla will shrink and not be spongy.
This easy breezy snack is off to MEC-Savory Snacks hosted by Monika,event by Srivalli, 365 days of MW cooking , also by Srivalli.
Bon Appetit…

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