Here is a delicious, chilling and totally guilt free dessert that diabetics and weight watchers will love.This recipe is from Exotic Diabetic Cooking by Tarla Dalal.I am sure you remember this book that I reviewed a couple of days ago.

This sorbet makes use of green grapes.Ginger and lemon add a zing to the sorbet.The original recipe asks for sugar substitute but I did not add as the natural sweetness from the grapes was sufficient to make it delectable.

This sorbet is very low in calories and I am sure everyone will love this.This is such a refreshing change instead of eating the grapes as a fruit.

I used:

Green Grapes
Lemon juice to taste
A small piece of ginger
A pinch of salt[optional]
Mint to garnish

  1. Blend all the ingredients adding a little water.
  2. Pour into a shallow dish,cover and freeze till set.
  3. Scrape out [use a fork] into serving bowls/ cups and serve with a sprig of mint.

I am sure you will agree that its so simple to prepare yet will be a treat for diabetics.Well its not only for them, I loved it to.The hint of ginger,lemon juice and salt was so refreshing and it has such a cooling effect in summer….

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20 thoughts on “Green Grapes Sorbet | Sugafree Diabetic Dessert”

  1. Delicious.
    Are grapes not under 'too sugary fruits' for diabetics and is it ok to eat grapes? I just want to know. What are the other fruits do you think are better for diabetics?

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