***Warning- Lengthy  post ahead.If you are brave enough, read ahead, or skip the rants and rush to today’s recipe***

The life of a blogger is certainly interesting.Even more so if she is a stay-at-home mom[SAHM] who blogs.Things get even more hectic exciting if she is a SAHM who blogs and has a new born and a toddler and has a posting schedule to follow!

Morning dawns even before the sun decides to peep out. The wailing new born is the alarm clock and thus begins the sleeping mom’s day . And then the toddler wakes up and finds the mom with the new born and her face is immediately dull. The mom who was showering her with uninterrupted attention was now dividing it between her and the new born. Yet she tries to understand….

The mom has to bathe and dress the toddler even though the doting grandparents are there taking care of her every single moment but she wants her mom to do everything for her..After all the hustle bustle of getting her ready for school, packing lunch and snack boxes, checking if the home-works are done, the tiny tot waves bye and is off to school.

The tired mom wants a cup of piping hot coffee to rejuvenate herself and catch up with the happenings of the world with a newspaper ,the sleeping new born wails again.The routine of feeding, nappy changes follows and after a while the new born decides to sleep for sometime.The mom is already sleepy for she has spent most of the night trying to coax the newborn to sleep. But the poor dear had had his vaccination that morning and was cranky and wanted to be held the whole night. Somehow he had managed to sleep for a few hours so that the poor mom could rest for a couple of hours.

Then suddenly the mom realizes she has posts to write before she can go to sleep!Even more important, she has to cook and click!!So again she puts off the thoughts of beauty sleep and wanders into the kitchen to find her mom giving her that knowing smile. She has already done the per-preparations and helps with the other stuffs as well. Then our ‘blogging[or is it ‘blogger’] mom’ hurriedly prepares the dish for the day that has to be blogged, dishes it out and takes it to her ‘ studio’ to be clicked.

Just then she hears her new born wail out  and leaves the plate with the food,asking her mom to keep it covered.The wailing child’s grand mom offers to rock the cradle till the mom clicks her food pics.Relief at last!The food is clicked and the mom realizes that she is super hungry and hurriedly savors the food that has now gone cold. She runs to the new born who decides that his nap is over and the routine of feeding and  nappy changing starts.Within a couple of hours the school going kid returns home happily…

On rare occasions when the newborn and the toddler are asleep in the noon and the ever absent power supply is surprisingly present, she sits with her laptop to rant , ramble and pour her heart out into the unwilling ears of her readers.The posts ready and blogged,she still has a lot of web work to do-visit her friend’s blogs,bookmark her favorite recipes, do a small research for future posts and so on till the kids seek her attention….

See, the life of a mom who stays at home, has two demanding kids and blogs is interesting, right! The ups and downs of life is certainly worth every minute of the time spent blogging…

  • Staying connected with friends and hence feeling safe and sane
  • Bookmarking loads of recipes in a hope that one day or the other those dishes will be prepared at home
  • Being able to experiment with ingredients and make people at home believe that you are super star 😉
  • The toddler proudly packing off those cookies her mom baked for her to show off to her friends even though they are slightly over baked.
  • The poor hubby acknowledging the fact that his wife can indeed juggle many roles easily.But this does not come easily. One has to threaten that diner will not be served unless acknowledged.

And then there is

  • Eating the cold dish after it has been photographed.
  • The lil one staring at you and the dish which is being clicked asking numerous times when she can taste it.
  • Losing the post that was being typed while the power suddenly vanishes before the post has been saved.
  • Being careless in not hiding the flop dish before the Lil one sees it and rushes off to inform the others that mom had a ‘disaster’ in the kitchen..etc are a few things that mar the life of a blogging mom….

Did I hear anyone say,’Enough of the rant’s lady,where is the recipe for the day’?.I think I did…So, I stop here and go on to  to the recipe for blogging marathon # 14 under the theme ‘7 days of dosas’…

The thing I found worth experimenting is adding veggies to breakfast dishes especially dosas.After the Plantain dosa, it was time to experiment with ridge gourd incorporated into the dosa.

I used:

Idli rice – 1 cup
Ridgegourd – 1,medium sized
Curry leaves- a few
Ginger – 1″ piece
Coriander leaves- a handful
Salt to taste

  1. Soak the rice for a couple of hours.Wash the rice well and drain and keep aside.
  2. Chop the ridge gourd roughly.
  3. Grind all the ingredients to a smooth paste adding a little water. The batter should be similar to dosa batter consistency
  4. Heat a griddle and pour a little batter in the center and spread it to a circle.
  5. Cook on both sides .
  6. Remove from heat  and serve hot with a sambar / chutney of your choice.

 Note :

  • Make sure the ridge gourd is tender else the dosa will be fibrous as we are using it as such without peeling.
  • You can also add green chillies if you like it spicy.
  • Instead of coriander leaves, you can add mint leaves.
  • These dosas taste best when served hot.

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Bon Appetit…

22 thoughts on “Ridgegourd Dosa | Heeraykaai Dosay | Peerkangaai Dosai”

  1. Very nice write-up PJ. I can completely understand and I'm a SAHM too with 2 demanding kids but away from the newborn stage though. But each stage has its tough spots so don't worry this phase will pass through too. Kudos to you to keep blogging with sleep deprived mind and newborn in your arms. The dosa is so new and very innovative. Lovely!!! Bookmarking it!!! Jayanthi (www.sizzlingveggies.com)

  2. Oh PJ, I heart you..I can nod myself on every word you say..just be assured you have friends over here who are willing to read your rants and some more..so pour them out!..who cares if the dosa was cold (of course you poor thing have to eat it) I love the picture..hugs to you..and kudos on managing so much so well..

  3. I love dreading the entire write up.. I am SAH minus the mom part :)..I can't say oi understand but i can def say you expressed your day so beautifully.. You & such bloggers like you inspire me soo much.. I always think, when i start working, my blog would take a back seat but then now..i need to ensure i keep it going ..The worst part is the cold food..i click , i check & then i eats ..am like not done! so i eat , check how it tastes first & then click ( my fellow bloggers def need to know how the verdict is..my explanation to my hubby ;))..xoxo rasi

  4. Delicious looking dosa, You seem to be like me, experimenting a lot!, I have one in my draft but never posted!, lovely click..
    Oh my I forgot, lovely write up totally understandable I had twins to take care :)..

  5. What a way to live PJ but I am sure we will not exchange it for anything else. There is nothing that satisfy s me more when my children tell their friends "Mamma will make it or makes it often" I must admire you to do so with 2 kids.Kudos to you dear.

    Love the dosa.

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