Our ancestors were indeed very thoughtful to have added this leaf as a part of the daily life. In earlier days, the wife used to
fold betel leaves and pass it on to her husband after the noon meal. In the wedding, even today, betel leaves are placed in the dining hall so
that people can have a few after lunch. Now though people have gone into using several flavored paan/ beda.

 Betel leaf finds its place in all the functions and festivals here. It has to be there for engagement function,weddings, festivals and other
auspicious occasions.

Betel leaf has a whole range of health benefits .It is used as such / as poultice/ juice applied over wounds etc…

Here are some of the medicinal / health benefits of this leaf….

  • It is an anti oxidant.
  • Helps curing scanty urination
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Increases the secretion of breast milk and hence this is given to new moms.
  • Studies indicate that it has anti diabetic properties.
  • It relieves constipation[when applied dipped in castor oil as a suppository] 
  • Eliminated bad breath
  • Cures bleeding gums
  • A decoction of betel leaves is said to cure leucorrhea 


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