I can’t believe that I have not posted a potato chips recipe!Not that it is rocket science or something but in all the 8 years of blogging ,  I was surprised to see it was not in my list!

When I was in school,I used to spend my vacation with my grandparents. Grandma used to cook such delicious food and apart from the regular meal she would also prepare some snacks for the evening.

Potato chips is something I remember her making quite often as she knew how much I loved it. Occasionally she used to let me help her with slicing the potato asking me to be very careful with the mandolin grater.

I can still recollect her method and tried it at home last week. It came out perfect.I felt so happy. Not a great achievement but yet I felt like it was just like grandmas version.

The kids and MIL thought that it was store bought and wondered how much I had got! Later when I told them it was homemade, the demand just went up!

I have just seasoned it with salt. You can add any seasoning of your choice like chili powder, onion / garlic flavor , chat masala etc..

This is Blogging Marathon #50, Week 3 , Day 1, with the theme -Pick one category and do 3 dishes and I chose dishes from this list of snacks.

Homestyle Potato Chips

Scrub a potato and slice it thinly using a mandolin grater into a bowl of cold water. After a few minutes spread it over a thin cloth. Pat dry. Deep fry the slices till golden brown.Drain and sprinkle salt and serve…

If you have any remaining chip[which I doubt you will!] store in an air tight container…

Homestyle Potato Chips


We don’t need a fancy mandolin grater to get designs on chips.Here is the  grater I used- The one that has a sort of frilly edge.

The trick is when you slice it once, you get horizontal lines. Then turn the potato half way round and slice again. the line will be vertical to the previous slice. And take a look at the slice of potato- you will have a beautifully designed slice like the one above!!!


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Bon Appetit…

20 thoughts on “Homestyle Potato Chips”

  1. Wow PJ, that's awesome..you won't believe how wonderful it feels when we get such simple ones that we think simple and those that reminds us of our childhood days..this one is surely a treasure..wish you had showed your blade more clearly..want to see how you got that pretty design..:)

  2. Ooh ! Lovely !! Crunchy delights .. Amma makes it the same way. I love the pattern which ur mandolin slicer has given. Is it a special attachment , PJ ?

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