Manipur,also known as the – Land of Jewels, is one of the NE states and was earlier known as Kangleipak / Meetrileipak and some other 20 different names!!The history of Manipur dates back to about 3000 B.C.Before becoming a part of India, Manipur was one of the many hundreds of kingdoms of South and South East Asia.

Manipur has its traditional way of living and though their religion and customs were followed in the beginning, many turned to Hinduism but during the  British rule, many converted to Christianity.

This state is a home to many places of tourist interest and houses a orchid park that has 110 rare varieties of orchids.

Coming to the cuisine part, it is interesting to note that the highest number of chili is planted and consumed in this state!

Fish,rice and vegetables are the staples here along with green leafy vegetables. Almost every house has a kitchen garden.

One of the most popular ingredient in this cuisine is the fermented fish paste called Ngari. I read that there is even a proverb to stress the importance of this ingredient. A Manipuri can survive without a meal a day but cannot survive with Ngari a day!

This cuisine boasts of more than 200 dishes and has both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. This cuisine is a combo of both boiled/ steamed dishes which are spicy so it is healthy and delicious

Along with the traditional dishes from this state, one can also see the Chinese and North Indian influence in some dishes.

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