Himachal Pradesh!This place is called known by the term – Dev Bhoomi or the ‘Abode of God’!

This state too dates back to the Indus valley Civilization that flourished between 2250 and 1750 BC. Several tribes like the Koilis,Halis,Dagis,Dhaugris etc inhabited this region from the pre-historic time.

This state is said to be the ‘Fruit bowl of India’ with a large number of orchards .It is said that the Government is going ahead with plans to make it the ‘Flower Basket of the world’!!Shimla and Manali are one of the most popular tourist spots in this state along with Dharmashala being one of the coldest hill station.

Wheat,Maize, Rice and barley are the main cereals grown in this land.

The Pahari food / The dishes from Himachal Pradesh are little known to the outside world. But now a days with major cities taking up the cuisines that are rarely eaten elsewhere,this too is slowly getting known,if not becoming popular.

This cuisine is said to be influenced by both the Punjabi and Tibetan cuisines.

Traditionally, the most preferred food in this land is Red meat and white bread.Aromatic spices are used in the dishes and the gravies are thick and creamy.

The most favorite or typical dishes here is the Dal- Chawal or a meal of rice and lentil based dish and Roti-Sabzi – Flat bread with a vegetable side dish.

The food festival of Dham is a popular tourist attraction and it draws crowd from all over the world.The dishes are prepared by the Brahman Chefs in this food festival. The actual cooking begins the night before the festival starts and the meal is served on leaf plates.

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