It is always a difficult job to get the kids to eat healthy stuffs, especially greens! So this week, I have been posting dishes that include the healthy drumstick greens. With a drumstick tree in the backyard, I cook with these greens often but have not posted those recipes here.

Hence I chose Drumstick greens as the ingredient for Week 3 of the Mega Blogging Marathon #68 themed Cooking Carnival .This dish joins the list complied for recipes with drumstick leaves and I still have a few more recipe to add to the collection.

Most of us love fried snacks and kids surely love them. Last week I made this as an after school snack. Lil Dude who is usually not into drumstick greens,asked me what the green things on the snacks were and I told him it was coriander leaves. He believed it and ate it up without any complaints!

This vouches for how delicious the snack is and how easily we can mask the greens in something the kids love!!

I had a little bit left over from a bajji -bonda mix that I got a while ago. Even though I don’t use the mixes, they sometimes make life easier when you have unexpected guests.So the remaining contents of the pack went into making this snack.

I used:

Bajji- Bonda Readymix- 1/2 cup
Cleaned and picked Drumstick leaves- 1/2 cup packed
Oil to deep fry

  1. Take the readymix and drumstick greens in a bowl.  
  2. Add water little by little and mix to a doughy consistency. You should be able to pinch off small portions out of it.
  3. Heat oil in a pan and once it is heats up, drop in small pieces of the dough into the pan and deep fry the fritters till golden brown.
  4. Drain and serve hot.


  • As I always say, use tender leaves.
  • You can use the regular ratio of rice flour and besan to make the pakoda along with red chili powder, salt.

Bon Appetit…

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