Chapathi and Channa masala is an excellent choice for the lunch box as I know the kids love this combo. It may seem to be a daunting task but with a little pre preparation, this meal can  be whipped up quickly even during a busy working day morning!!

In the Lunchbox

Pre-prep – things that can be made ahead[the night before] :

  • Prepare the dough and store in an air tight container in the fridge.
    Take it out of the fridge the first thing in the morning so that the
    dough softens.
  • For the Channa masala – boil the channa, prepare the masala paste and store in the fridge


  • Encourage the kiddo to have the fruit during the snack break or before
    lunch.The nutrients in the fruits are best assimilated if had before a
    meal or at least an hour after the meal.
  • Use different shapes of cookie cutters and also the kids favorite
    ones.This will surely bring a smile on their  face as soon as they open
    the lunch box!
  • If you feel cooking small chapathis take time, then prepare a large chapathi and cut them out with a cookie cutter after the chapathi is cooked. If you are prepared to eat up the small leftover cut out pieces,then this is a very quick method!
  • I make the Channa masala a little thick in consistency than what I make when we eat it at home so that it does not spill over.
  • I have kept orange here, you can substitute it with any fruit the kid prefers. 
  • Smearing a little ghee on the chapathi increases the nutritional value of the meal and keeps the chapathi soft too.

Bon Appetit…

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