This Lemon leaf flavored buttermilk has been on my bookmarks for a very long time. In spite of being such a simple no cook beverage / drink, it has taken me so long to fianlly make it. And there are reasons for the delay as well!

The story goes like this…

We had a small lemon tree in our backyard. Once my sister in law, made a buttermilk using these leaves.The drink tasted awesome and I wanted to make it for the blog.But somehow I kept put things behind and one fine day, the little tree was uprooted when we had heavy rains!

My dreams of making that flavored buttermilk was destroyed. That was until a small lemon plant sprouted in my mom’s garden!! We let it grow a bit before I could pick a few leaves for the buttermilk.

The leaves have the same aroma as the lemons and it gives such a refreshing taste to the buttermilk. To give it a kick, I added a few pieces of chopped green chilies.

This is my second post for Blogging Marathon #76, Week4, Day2 with the theme Bookmarked recipes.

Here is a picture of the lemon leaves from the small lemon tree[or rather plant] that is found right next to the jasmine plant in mom’s garden.

How to make lemon leaf flavored Buttermilk

I used:

Fresh, thick yogurt- 1 cup
Water- 2 cups
Lemon leaves- a few
Green chili- 2, small, de-seeded
Asafoetida powder- a small pinch
Salt to taste

Chop the lemon leaves and the green chili.Take the yogurt in a bowl .Add water and whisk well.

Add the lemon leaves and green chili, asafoedita powder and salt. Mix well. Let it rest [either on the kitchen counter / refrigerator] for a while for the flavors to blend.

Enjoy the aromatic and refreshing buttermilk on a hot summer noon!


  • Use as many or less number of leaves to suit your taste
  • If the leaves are unavailable, lemon juice can be used but the full flavor is got only when the leaves are added.
  • Chopped curry leaves can also be used but that should not over power the flavor / aroma of the lemon leaves.

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