The simple Punjabi Thali that I am posting today was posted several moons ago,for one of the mega blogging marathons.

Check out the original post for some interesting facts about Punjab and its cuisine. Also in that post is an experience of a life time!!

Now coming to the post of the day….

Featured here are…

Achari Channa Pulao –  A rice rich with Chick peas that is flavored with Punjabi Mango Pickle
Jeera Aloo – A simple stir fry of potatoes seasoned with cumin seeds
Mango Lassi – A tasty drink of mango in buttermilk
Kesar Pista Kulfi – Indian styled Saffron flavored pistachio Ice cream
Grilled Pappad

This meal is fairly easy to put together. It can be prepared on weekends or when we have guests over.This is a delicious spread that will make you look like you have slogged in the kitchen to put together a meal!!

You can also add

Steamed rice and Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda to this meal to make it elaborate.

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