The Watchmaker and Time – A Fable About the Enigma of Time – Book Review

The Watchmaker and Time - Book Review

  • Title – The Watchmaker and Time
  • Author – Devang Kanavia
  • Pages – 118 pages
  • Publishers – Embassy Book Distributors; First Edition edition (27 November 2018)
  • Format – Paperback
  • Genre – Fiction
  • Price- INR 195/-

Pedro’s love for watches was born out of a strange incident in his childhood. Over the years he has become one of the most renowned watch designers in the world also holding the title, ‘the Maestro of Time’.

One fine day, he gets challenged by his granddaughter on the fundamentals of Time. Unable to answer her innocent questions, he realizes that all his life he had been creating watches but had failed to understand what Time was all about. He gets on to an interesting journey in search for answers.

The journey unfolds with the puzzles of his past guiding him ahead as one after the other his beliefs start getting shattered. Will the puzzles of his past ever let him get to the future? Will he ever find out the true essence of Time? Join this watchmaker in his enriching and thought provoking journey in search of time.

The story revolves around Pedro, a genius watchmaker who has earned the title of ‘the Maestro of Time’.

The book is divided into 3 sections: the question, the direction and the completion.

The story starts with Pedro mending 8 year old Maria’s watch and the kid,who also happens to be his grand daughter, innocently asks him a few questions and that sets him thinking.He asks himself those questions and tries to find the answer.

Meanwhile, his friend Stuart sends word that he has received the much awaited letter from Edward, another watchmaker.Pedro hurries to meet his friend taking the little girl along with him.

Pedro has a watch named Eternity that is almost 70 years old and one that runs without any source of energy!Pedro claims that this watch was given to him by an old man when he and his family visited the Stonehenge during his childhood.

He now wants the answer to two mysteries in his life – the secret behind the watch that runs without any battery / cell and the meaning of the dream that he sees often.

He takes a trip to the Stonehenge expecting some answers. Does he get the answer? What happens to Eternity ? Well, read the book to find out.

What I really liked about the book is the crisp narrative. I finished this book in an hours time!

The story has another layer to it which makes us question or think about our perspective of time! The concept of time is explained from the point of Science as well as Spirituality.

The story line is quite simple and does not want you to break your head into thinking about the plot or the ending which is a good thing when you are looking for a quick read.

I like the way the author has explained the various questions in this book in simple and understandable language without too much complications.

There are very few characters in this story and hence lesser confusion.

The language is simple and the line drawings of the aeroplane is interesting.

Last but not the least, I loved the cover of this novel. It aptly connects Pedro to his watches and his dream!

Yes, do go for it.It makes a quick read.Apart from reading it just for the story’s sake, you will find out that it is thought provoking as well.It will make you think and understand about the enigma of time!

Devang Kanavia is a passionate storyteller who ventured into the world of writing with his first book, Best Sellers: Because Everything Is About Selling. A notable speaker and leadership coach, Devang is a versatile author with a perfect blend of science and philosophy. With a lucid and compact style of writing, Devang uses powerful analogies to question the obvious and explore the oblivious while creating page turners, be it Management or Fiction. In The Watchmaker And Time, he explores one of the most enigmatic subjects, Time, and weaves a delightful and thought provoking tale unravelling the mystery of Time.

A huge thanks to Writers Melon,the author and Embassy Publishers for the review copy!

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