After I made the Dragon fruit banana smoothie, I wanted to try a milkshake and made this as a breakfast substitute. With the summer heat becoming unbearable, we had this one morning before taking off on a trip to the vegetable market. Lil Angel found it filling and did not ask for anything to eat till we came back home some one and a half hours later. Yes, we spent that much time walking around the new farmers market near our home . Most of the time was taken up by out quest to locate a rare or new[ to us] vegetable or fruit.

So back to the recipe, as I said, it is filling and a delicious one. I am not giving the quantity of the ingredients as you can add it to suit your taste. Well, the actual fact is that I forgot to measure and just added the ingredients one by one as and when I saw them.

I used:

Dragon fruit cubes
Banana slices
Chilled milk
Quick cooking Oats[ slightly roasted]

Blend all the ingredients till smooth and serve immediately.


I did not add sugar as the bananas were way too sweet.

This goes to Srivalli’s kid’s delight event hosted here with the theme Cool Comforts , Nayna’s Mocktails and cooler event, started by Pari

and also to Divya’s Show me your summer cooler event

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