I love to start this ‘looking back ‘ post with a sweet treat.My Blogging Marathon buddies hosted a lovely baby shower for me and as a Thank You gesture, I prepared Rasgullas for them. I remember the day  I made and clicked these spongy delights. Round and ready to ‘burst’ [as my friend said], I had a tough time bending and clicking them pictures. But the happy thought that my friends hosted a baby shower was all that was needed to give me the stamina to do it. Thank you Gals….

There were quite a few wins this year.It all started with my winning the Only series for December edition @ foodilicious- Pari’s event for the recipe- Eggless Yellow Sponge Cake and also won Mona Wise’s The Chef and I book in another giveaway

Blogging Marathon, Indian
cooking Challenge,Taste and Create were the cooking community that I was a part
of this year. In the last part of the year I joined  South Vs North Challenge and Eggless baking
group in an effort to add more variety to the blog.

I completed the 1000th post in first week of
September with Pappad parathas and aloo kaala channa gravy and for me this is a big milestone though this had to have happened long ago….

I reviewed quite a few books for Blog Adda and in Indi Blogger review program.You can find the posts here

Now coming to the most interesting part of the nostalgic journey,the top 12 recipes in Seduce Your Tastebuds…

Based on the number of views, here is what people liked on Seduce Your Tastebuds…

January saw 12 posts.Lil Dude was born on last week of this month posting prior to that needed a lot of effort.Days seemed to move so slowly as the time drew close and I hated the wait.I so impatient to see this lil fellow that I almost lost interest to do anything else!Avarekaalu gravy / Curried Hyacinth beans topped this month with 676 views and 26 comments…

There were 16 posts in February,Post partum diet got 589 views and 13 comments.It was very convenient to write on this topic as I was being pampered at home by mom…

 In March,there were 13 posts and the healthy breakfast dish  Multi grain dosa got 566 views and 28 comments.

Simple South Indian Thali got an amazing 1317 views with 26 comments and there were a total of 26 recipes in the month of April.The credit for this [and many other posts] goes to dear mom…

In May I posted 13 recipes out if which Beetroot chutney earned 24 comments and 348 views.This was my fav too.Love the color of the chutney…

I was dumbstruck to see the Punjabi Rajma Masala earn 2656 views and 22 comments for the month of June where I posted 19 recipes.This was the recipe that I had reposted as the previous one lacked a good click….

 There were 15 recipes in July and Gobi Masala was the topper with 22 comments and 972 views.You never know when a simple yet hearty dish creates a sensation!

Ajwain tomato rice and carrot curd rice was the most popular one in the month of August with 193 views and 13 comments. Curd rice is my fav and this dish is made healthier with the addition of carrots and the tomato rice uses my favorite spice- Ajwain…

In the month of September there were a total of 13 posts with the 2 minute microwave chocolate mug cake winning with 1774 views and 18 comments…I was sure this would be a hit and it was!

I was so surprised when the simple Banana Nutella Toast topped in October with 279 views and 12 comments.This is my Lil one’s favorite snack….

I am a fan of Chef Jacob and his sudden and untimely demise made me write a tribute and I prepared a simple Gram dal chutney and it topped the charts in the month of November with 286 views and 12 comments.

My favorite Masala Oats Porridge was the chosen one on the month of December with 192 views and  21 comments.

The blog will soon be reaching 500,000 visitors! All these statistics does make me proud of my blog and how far I have come in the past 5 years….

The cook book that I am writing is blossoming. I am planning
to get it out in another 6 months. I will update you all with the details once
things get to the final stages so there is something worth to share.

Since I was not able to post more due to various reasons, I
have signed up for non-stop blogging in Jan 2013. There was a time when I used
to cook and post 3-4 dishes a day! Then there came a time when I would rather
save a few in the drafts for later, something like a safety net. Next year, I
want to cook more and post something new and different, I am starting with
emptying my drafts.
Just like how life chooses to be, my blog too had its share
of ups and downs this year. Let us see how the next year is going to be….. 

As always this is specially for Srivalli’s Best of the year 2012

Wishing you all a happy year ahead…

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