For the final day of Blogging Marathon , Week 3, under the theme Seasonal dishes, I am posting this simple or rather basic recipe. It is not a recipe actually, but a simple process to freeze the winter vegetable peas.

Lil Angel loves peas and I add to to curries, gravies, stir fries, noodles, pastas to make her eat everything that is on her plate. Earlier, when fresh peas are not available, I used to buy frozen peas from the store. I found it to be pretty expensive.So this winter, I decided to make it myself.

Shell the required quantity of fresh peas. Bring a large container of water to boil and put in the peas. It will sink to the bottom.

After a few minutes it will rise to the top.Switch off the heat and remove the peas from water

And transfer it into a bowl of cold water. This maintains the color and also stops the cooking process.

After a couple of minutes, drain the water and spread the peas on a kitchen towel and pat dry. See to that there is no moisture on the peas.

Transfer the peas into a zip lock bag or tupperware or any other container with a tight fitting lid and put it in the freezer.

Note :

  • Don’t pack the zip lock bag or the container to the brim. Leave a little free space.
  • Also take care to see that the peas are totally dry before transferring into the zip lock bag.
  • To thaw, remove the required quantity of peas and spread on a plate and use it after the peas return to room temperature.

Bon Appetit…

12 thoughts on “How To Freeze Green Peas”

  1. Frozen peas brings peace to our
    minds rt :)) Its really handy esp. while cooking in the mornings.

    This winter, I too have stacked about 2-3 kgs of peas in the freezer. Didn't blanch them though :D!

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