My craze for shopping online leads me to buy a whole lot of cookbooks. Sometime,I love to browse through the pages, imagining how the recipes would taste and how welcome it would be on the table. Sometime, I think of making changes or using the basic idea of a recipe and converting it into something my folks would appreciate.
But of late, I have been going through my cookbook collection quite often planning to make something for the up coming events or just to try out a different taste…
So, as I was telling you, I got a whole load of cookbooks and one of them is Asha Khatau’s Epicure’s Vegetarian Soups and Salads.
Buy Epicure's Vegetarian Soups & Salads PB: Book

This book is divided into

Hot soups- 28 recipes
Cold soups – 5 recipes
Salads – 33 recipes
Stocks , chutney and dressing – 8 recipes

Recipes like Chunky pizza soup,pop corn soup Calorie burning cabbage soup do sound very intriguing. And in the chilled soup section chilled cheery soup is something I would love to try. Salads like Seven layered salad,Gazpacho mould,Curried cheese mousse sound exotic.

All the recipes makes use of easily available stuffs and with clear instructions.

The only drawback I feel is the lack of pictures.There are just 8 pics for so many recipes! I wish there were more so that we can get to see how the finished dish looks.

This 96 paged book costs INR 125/-

Worth a buy if you are looking for new types of soups and salads to entertain guests or feed the family…

This is the 4th book I am reviewing for the Foodies Read -2014 Reading Challenge that I had signed up earlier this year.I have signed up for the Sous Chef level, meaning I have to read 5-9 books and review it by the end of this year.

Happy browsing….

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