This month we are playing a little party game at the Recipe ReDux. The theme is :

Grab your nearest
cookbook and ReDux the recipe on page 201, 16, 216 – or any combination
of the number ‘2016.’
When I saw this theme it sounded so easy! So I took it easy until today afternoon! When I suddenly remembered about the post for this event, I sat in front of my bookshelf and when I started looking for books from which I could cook, I was stumped!
There are plenty of cook books to choose from but I was in a dilemma.The pages I chose either had a write up or a pic or I did not have the ingredient that was needed for that dish!!Finally I found this tea recipe in one of the books and I remembered seeing a lone apple in the fridge. Thank God for that!!!
So, this is a tea recipe from Ukraine adapted from the book Top 100 tea recipes.A refreshing tea made in autumn when apples are harvested in plenty! And this recipe is found on page number 62 .
This book as the complete nutritional and caffeine analysis of all the recipes in the book and it has methods to host 4 different tea ceremonies.Apart from the tea recipes, there are also 40  dessert recipes to accompany your tea!
Though I am a coffee person, I liked this tea recipe as it was something different from the usual tea we have here. I have not tasted a tea with fruits in it and this one was good.
I have added unrefined cane sugar in this tea instead of honey that was mentioned in the original recipe.Also the recipe mentioned using a whole chopped apple but I used only half of it.
This tea is not served in a cup but in a bowl! The apple pieces are eaten with a spoon and the tea is sipped from the bowl.


 I used:
Adapted from – Top 100 Tea Recipes by Mary Ward

Water- 200 ml
Tea dust- 1 teaspoon
Apple-1/2 a small one, peeled and chopped into small pieces
Unrefined cane sugar-1 teaspoon

Bring water to boil and add the tea dust and once it comes to a boil remove from heat. Add the cane sugar and mix.
Place the chopped apples in a bowl. Strain the tea over the apple pieces and serve

Use the spoon to eat the apple pieces and sip the tea from the bowl.

Here is the tea and the book…

Bon Appetit….

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