We had a food bloggers meet in Delhi last week to celebrate the 75th edition of Blogging Marathon. Click the links to read about Day 1 & 2, Day 3.

In today’s post I am sharing experiences on Day 4 & 5

Day 4- Dress code – White / Red apron and chef’s hat

The 4th day is very spcial to all the members. Gayathri and Veena did a demo on Break making and cake decoration.

Around 12 ‘students’ had enrolled for the workshop and we were really happy to see the enthusiastic group.

Before going for the session we had a heavy breakfast so that we remain energetic and briskt through out the workshop !

Before the workshop began we had our group pic taken in white…[Pic courtesy Srivalli]

And another one with the aprons and Chef’s hat. Vaishali had this arranged for us.

The bread baking and cake decoration workshop…

And then the session started. The participants were given hands on training and they took part actively and enthusiastically.

Here is what was taught…

And the customary BM celebration cake…

The customary photo with the celebration cake…

While the pro’s were taking the class, a bunch of us were helping them out to get the things going smoothly. By the end of the day, all of us were dead beat tired. Yet our enthusiasm did not come down.Here is our gang busy cutting and clicking the cakes

The participants got to taste the bakes that were done in the workshop and also were given these cookie boxes. These assorted cookies were baked by the members of the BM group.

After the photo shoots, all we wanted to do was to sit and relax. But Vaishali had other plans! She was taking us to her brother’s house for dinner.So we all got dressed for the dinner party.And what a dinner that was!

The dinner party!!

Vaishali’s family was so gracious and loving. They had set up the dinner in the terrace. Just by looking at the food there we were confused as what to taste first!

The grilled vegetables was my favorite which was served with 4 kinds of dips. There was a roti maker making roti’s in the traditional way.

The delicious spread…

  • Bhugal Chawal
  • Dal Makhani
  • Pini Chole
  • Muttar Mushroom
  • Navarattan Korma
  • Paneer lababdar
  • Banarasi Kadi
  • Sarson ka saag
  • Salad

  • Moong Dal Halwa with Ice cream
  • Masala Pappad
  • Special Pan

We had dinner and sat and chatted there for a while. It was getting late so took leave of the family.

No one was in a mood to sleep.We all assembled in a room and started chatting. The new members were sort of ‘ragged’ into introducing themselves to the group and how they felt to be a part of BM. The senior members also shared their first time experiences.

Finally around 3 or 3.30 am we unwillingly went back to our respective rooms.Even at that time Gayathri and me kept chatting and finally conked off after an hour.

Day5 – Color code- Blue / blue hat.

All of us woke up a bit late the next day and had breakfast. Then we had the photo shoot with all of us in blue with matching caps with our names written on it.

And another casual click…


We vacated the rooms and sat in the portico. Pradnya was the first to leave. Followed by Preeti.

Before Preeti left she wanted an individual photo shoot with each of us!

The luggage, the caps and lunch being served

We had a take out lunch of fried rice and gravy.Our lunch.Sid’s favorite Aloo pratha and that sinful chocolate cake by Gayathri.

  Finally it was time to leave to the airport. All of us except Archana took off in 2 cabs to the airport. Though we were on different flights, there were around the same time.

As always it was a heart wrenching farewell and we boarded the flights to get back home to the routine.

The next meet will be in 2 years time and all of us are looking forward to that day.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing about our trip…

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