Aadi Perukku / Aadi 18 Lunch Menu -I have been meaning to post this menu for the past one year! Read on and you will know what happened…

Before that, let me tell you a little bit about Aadi 18.

Aadi is the 4th month in the Tamil calendar and it marks the end of summer and the beginning of the monsoon rains.Aadi 18 is celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month and it is dedicated to the worship of nature, especially water.

This is a very special day in the Tamil households where prayers and pujas are performed at home and in the temples.

Newly weds go the river banks and offer prayers and change their thali thread. There is an air of festivity in and around the places that are close to water bodies like lakes / rivers.

They go on a picnic where they sit by the river banks and eat kootanchoru [ a kind of mixed rice and vegetable medley]

The significance and the methods of celebrating this day is even mentioned in the ancient books.

So last year on Aadi perukku day , I prepared this meal and by the time I  cooked and clicked it, it was evening. Not having the energy to edit and post the pictures, I just let it sit in the drafts for so long! Posting it after the festival is over did not seem right, Hence the wait.

We do not have this festival in our culture but living in the midst of people who do celebrate it with great pomp, I made this meal on the festival day.

The meal usually has mixed rice/ variety rices , sweets, vadai, pappad/ crisps. This is the small meal I prepared.

Aadi Perukku / Aadi 18 Lunch Menu

Semiya Payasam

Tamarind rice

Lemon Rice

Coconut rice

Rajma rice

Curd rice

Ulundhu vadai

Appalam [Pappad] / Vatral


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