Lemon Leaf Tea Recipe with step by step pictures

It is interesting to see how the same thing contradicts in opinion of different people!!

I know the opener sounds like a puzzle! I have a small incident to share and you will surely understand what I meant.

A year or so back, a small lemon tree came into existence in mom’s place. It is right near the front gate and we still wonder how it started growing there of all places!

When the plant grew to a noticeable height, one person who came home for the first time exclaimed that we have placed the lemon sapling in the perfect spot and that it is good for the well being of the house and its members!

After a couple of days another person came home, again for the first time, and mentioned that thorny plants should not be placed near the entrance of the house and that it is not good. That person also went ahead to tell us that it must be uprooted and thrown away!!

I was really wondering how the poor little lemon plant got such contradicting views just because it was near the gate!

Anyway, we did nothing about it. It is still growing in the same place. Once in a while, it is full of plump caterpillars and all that is left is just the thorny branches. Then new leaves grow back and the plant returns to its former glory.

So as you would have guessed, this incident comes to focus as I am posting a recipe using the leaves from the controversially positioned lemon plant.

This week I am posting 3 ingredient dishes for  Week 2 in the Blogging Marathon #85th edition

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Lemon Leaf Tea Recipe

Lemon leaves are being used in Thai, Greek and even in African cuisine.Even in the Indian cuisine there are recipes that make use of Lemon leaves. Vepillai katti is a South Indian dish which uses curry leaves and lemon leaves to make a chutney of sorts that goes very well with curd rice.I have also bookmarked some Bengali recipes that uses this leaf in its preparation.

Now coming to the dish of the day – Lemon Leaf Tea Recipe…

Lemon leaf is said to posses some medicinal properties and is said to be useful in nervousness, insomnia etc. There are other ailments as well in which this leaf provides relief!But I am not going to go into them in detail.

This tea has a very fresh flavor and is a nice palate cleaner as well. Lil Angel shared a portion of this tea and liked it as well.

Let us prepare this Lemon Leaf Tea Recipe

Heat 2 cups of water in a pan. When it comes to a boil, add 5-6 torn lemon leaves.Be sure to wash the leaves well before use.

Lemon Leaf Tea Recipe

Once it comes to rolling boil, simmer, cover and let it boil for 5 minutes.

Lemon Leaf Tea Recipe

Strain the tea and add honey to taste. Mix well.

Lemon Leaf Tea Recipe

Refreshing Lemon leaf tea is ready to be served!!!

Lemon Leaf Tea Recipe



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12 thoughts on “Lemon Leaf Tea Recipe”

  1. Haha, isn’t it amazing how people have different opinions about everything in life. Poor lemon tree!
    I am not a tea drinker but am sure lemon leaf tea was as flavorful as any other tea.

  2. It is really amazing how all of us look at things sooo differently. Love your lemon tree story — if it was somebody else, they might have listened to the second person and uprooted the tree. So many ways to look at things and so many different ways to react to them.
    Lemon leaf tea looks great.

  3. Even i had the some situation for a small lemon plant, obviously my cousin unrooted the plant coz of my MIL, seriously your story makes me to remember the situation i had during my last trip. Tea sounds fabulous PJ.

  4. Lemon-tree leaves tea sounds very refreshing. Love reading your story and it’s really interesting to know people different aspect towards one thing.

  5. We face such contradicting views on so many issues. I guess it stems with insufficient or inconclusive or confusing knowledge and also different interpretations/perspectives of issues. I am glad the plant stays there else we might have missed this post 🙂 Lovely flavored tea. My little one loves everything about a lime. So if I can lay my hands on a lime plant I am surely going to make this for her.

  6. So true with how people perceive and provide such contradicting views. Anything can be taken in a positive light. I’m a big fan of herbal teas not much for fruity ones. Need to give this a try.

    1. No. Lemon grass is a different , grassy ( hence the name) plant. This is about a lemon tree ( like an orange or lime). Although the flavor of lemon grass tea versus lemon leaf tea is probably very similar.

  7. Oh the poor tree! Glad that you did nothing to it and let it grow. Love the flavor of lemon tea. I drink green tea once in a while and love the lemon flavored ones in that. This is simple to make and should be soothing for the throat.

  8. I’m fond of lemon flavored iced tea, so I’m sure this lemon leaf flavored tea must be quite refreshing. I too have a lemon tree planted in pot, so can use its leaves now to make this flavorful tea.

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