When we lived in China, Lil Angel and me were crazy for bubble tea! There were so many stalls and carts right across our apartment, outside the mall, in the parks, literally everywhere!!

I loved the ‘bubble’ or the dark tapioca pearls in the drink and used to buy the drink just for that! There used to be this stall were we used to hang out regularly and the girl who mans it knew my love for the tapioca pearls and used to give a large helping of these in my drink!

There used to be so many varieties of bubble teas. Strawberry , blueberry and chocolate was our favorite. Actually they were made with a premix.They used to add tapioca pears, a flavored premix,and hot water. The drink was ready! Though we loved it, I made it a point not to drink too much of it as it came from premixes and no doubt, they had preservative.

When we moved back home, I missed the bubble tea. I could not find the tapioca pearls here.Then when a good friend of mine asked me what I wanted from the U.S. I promptly replied Tapioca pearls!

So here is my favorite drink made at home that can be had anytime I feel like having a bubble tea. Summer has set in and this drink is perfect for the season.

I used:
Serves- 2

For the tea

Tapioca peals-1/4 cup
Strawberry crush-2 tablespoons
Tea leaves- 1 teaspoon

For sugar syrup

Water- 1/2 cup
Sugar- 2 teaspoons

To serve

Ice cubes
Mint leaves

First let us prepare the sugar syrup…

Heat water in a vessel and when it heats up add sugar.Let it boil for a few minutes.Remove from heat and keep aside.


In another pan , heat 2 cups water. When it comes to a rolling boil, add the tapioca pearls.Cook according to the direction on the pack. Mine had to cook for just 5 minutes. The pearls will turn black will be fully cooked and glossy to look at.Strain.

Keep the tapioca pearls in a bowl and add the sugar syrup which we prepared earlier. The sugar syrup must be  at least an inch above the cooked pearls. When the pearls are stored like this, they won’t dry up. In this way the excess tapioca pearls can be stored for a few days in the fridge. But the pearls taste best when eaten freshly cooked.

Prepare the tea by add tea leaves to 300 ml water.When it boils, strain and chill  the tea. Once it is cooled, add the strawberry crush and mix well.

To serve- Add a portion of the tapioca pearls into a serving glass and top it up with chilled strawberry tea. Add ice cubes and mint leaves.

Tasty, refreshing drink is ready to be savored…

This drink is for Blogging Marathon
#62,where I have chosen the theme – Street Food

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#62

Bon Appetit….

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