A little planning ahead can make the packing of the kids lunch box a pleasurable task. Over the past few years, I have come to realize that pre-prep saves a lot of motning tensions in the kitchen and I can get the breakfast and lunch done in a slightly effecient way than before.

I give the kids a few choices for next days lunch box and ask them to choose one from the list. Luckily they choose the same dish and of not I cajole one of them to eat what the other has chosen and the next day it will be the other way round.

When I know what I will be cooking the next day makes it easier for pre-prep and cooking the next morning.

Here is another simple rice based dish that has pulses and vegetables making it a wholesome meal for the kids.

In the lunch box

Vegetable and Peanut rice



Pre-prep / Things that can be done the night before :

  • The vegetables can be chopped , boiled and stored in the fridge the night before
  • Similarly, the peanuts can be soaked, cooked and stored in the fridge.

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This is for Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight event, guest hosted by Priya Srinivasan, themed on Kids Lunch Box Recipes.

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8 thoughts on “Kids Lunch Box Series #18 | Vegetable & Peanut Rice, Crisps, Juice”

  1. Yea I can imagine the tension we end up when we don’t have a planned meal for the kids lunch box. My daughter has now come to carry whatever the boys take. Still get them both to agree to one dish is so tough!..this is a wonderful rice dish..

  2. I don’t have kids lunch boxes to pack but will surely try out this wholesome rice with peanuts and vegetables as it looks so delicious. More tempting with the fryums.

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